“It all starts by buying the right property, in the right location, at the right price—a price that’s less than market value.”

Anatomy of the Deal


Step A


Leveraging our knowledge and relationships of nearly 40 years, we unearth prime real estate investment opportunities often before they are marketed.

Step B


When we find an interesting opportunity and reach a consensus on viability, we move quickly. Once the project is under contract, we conduct a thorough and extensive due diligence process.

Step C

Due Diligence

This part of the process is the most labor intensive, and takes the most time, but is critical to our success. A complete review of all aspects of the property is conducted to ensure it meets all of our investment and underwriting criteria. We look at hundreds of opportunities but very few ever make the cut.

Step D


The “Closing” is really just the beginning for us. Once the property is acquired, our sole focus is to execute our business plan to maximize the property.


From the onset, we set out to mitigate risk by only buying in the best areas, and not limiting ourselves to a certain property type—always buying “in the money.” After all, while investment returns are key, protecting principal is every bit as important (if not more so).

Based upon our longstanding reputation for successful and extensive contacts in the West Los Angeles area, built over 40 years of staying true to our market and strategies, we attract market opportunities that are often not available to other real estate investment firms. These acquisition opportunities are rarely marketed to the street and they don’t change hands often. Our long established sources and various avenues of opportunity give our investors, and us, a considerable advantage.